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Ok, so. It's been awhile. A bit over a month, really.

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Don't tell me my shirt is straight.
My shirt is not alive, and therefore has no sexual orientation.
And then you use "gay" to be mean cool.


Fuck. You.

Aug. 10th, 2008

Sorry for the delay guys... it's been hectic.

Ok, so. After I mostly got over being rejected by Kate, which did take some crying and all, I started looking around on some bi/straight dating sites. Just to look, you know? I think there's actually more here on livejournal that I would use, since it's free :P

I don't know. The more I looked at the pictures of the girls, the more I had to convice myself that I found them attractive. Then I let myself look at the boys, and whooo.

I think I'm finally starting to accept this... that yes, I really am attracted to boys, and no, I'm not attracted to girls... that way. I don't know, they just don't do anything for me, you know?

So... long story short, I think I might be straight.

Have you ever heard of Carlos Mencia? I saw this skit of his once, when he was dressed up as psuedo-Barney and these little kids were supposed to be calling him, and this one little boy goes "Carlos? I think I might be straight." So he sings a song:

"If you think you might be straight then you're straight! *clap clap* If you think you might be straight then you're straight! *clap clap* If you think you might be straight and dream of boning Mrs. Bate, if you think you might be straight then you're straight! *clap clap*"

Then the kid goes "Thanks Carlos! Hey mom, I'm straight!"

I love it.

Anyhow... I think he's right, eh?

So... I guess what this long-winded entry was about... well, I'm straight.

Beware: Rant Ahead

Being heterosexual is not a mental illness.
Neither is being bisexual.

So don't you fucking tell me that I 'need help.'
Don't leave a list of psychiatrists that you printed out with my damn ink on my kitchen table.
Don't give me a scared look when you see me. I'm not going to devour your pure little soul with my evil hetero ways.



Shit shit shit shit shit.

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Livejournal is quite a friendly place. All these random people I don't know are adding me of all a sudden.

I blame the monkeys.

First post

Ok so... I'm Emma and I'm 18. Hiya.

So... I'm currently in a relationship, her name is Kate. But I don't know.. I feel like I'm cheating her. I just so badly want to be gay like I'm "supposed" to... I think I might be bi. 'Cuz I know for a fact that I'm attracted to boys. However much I wish I wasn't.

I don't know. Breeders aren't even allowed in the goddamn army of this 'free' country. Not that I personally mind, but there has to be alot of bis and straights that are really frustrated by that. Seems like I hear another story every week about somebody coming out and getting booted out.

And that whole "technology exists for a reason" thing is shit. It's natural damn it.

I said that once to someone and they were just, I don't even know how to describe it. That facial expression, just utter superiority to stupid little breeder chick. Anyhow they (predictably) said "Forward facing eyes and pointed teeth."

No. Fuck you. We aren't naturally meant to eat each other. GDIAF.


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